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Saturday, 27 April 2013

All Together for G9 Comics

Dear All,

You might have heard about what unfortunately happened to G9...

After a couple of days, he's now ready to move on from despair to hope and motivation.
It will take some time, but he's getting back on track and will come back better than ever.

Unfortunately, there's a but...having lost all of his models, of course he will have to rebuilt them, but more dramatically, will have to rebuy them again and believe me it can cost a lot of money.

If you have ever considered G9's work as masterpiece, if you think he's one of the most talented 3DX artist out there, and if you want to help him recover his material and get the proper equipment to keep this from happening again, I would ask the whole Mind Control/ Corruption community to join and  donate what you can to help him.

As already mentioned by Dark Hypnotic and MpGrey, G9 is kind of reluctant calling for help, so understand that this post is not done on his behalf but on the behalf of all of us who really care about G9 comics.

Let's show him how much we care, let's show him  that we are a real community that helps and supports each other. All together, we can make a difference.

If you feel like helping out, it would be more than welcome.
So please go on G9's blog ( and hit the Donation button !!!

Thanking you all in advance for your time and generosity,



  1. HIP HIP HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!

    Let's see if we can't make a difference guys! Donate what you can and let's help bring G9 comics back to life!!!

  2. Thank you very much, Shinra, Kyle!
    And everyone for your support, now thanks to you, I start to collect all the files I need to rebuild G9Comics,
    Renderotica has been so nice to allowed me re-download all my purchased.
    Renderocity, has some files I can't re download and can't have reply for my email>_<

    Daz, has been so silent >_</

    I need to redownload some of the important files there.

    And I've been go to some "underground" site to search for goods that is not for sale anymore, yes, it's kind of weird but that is...
    I'm searching for my Mai SHiranui costume which I can't found everywhere...
    Anyone know where I can download it?

    Btw I promise to repay all your kindness with my comics, I'll do my best.
    And now, please appreciate Shinra's work too.
    Now, let's back to see Harry Potter, oops! Harriet Cooper! FTW!
    Great jobs Shinra!

    1. I did not find where to download it for "free" hum hum
      but after some thorough research I finally found it !

      The outfit you're looking for is called Xifeng and can be bought on renderosity ;-)

      google is my friend ^^

  3. THAT'S IT!!!!!!!

    1. And I know one other person who's gonna be happy that we found it back...Dark hypnotic ahahah

    2. If you could see the drool puddle I made reading this! Lol. Thanks guys! She is going to be sooooooo amazing! She's like the ONLY reason I even know about King of Fighters lol

    3. Yeah, she is the pioneer of ultra sexy fighter (chunli was hot, but her clothes would be nothing compare to Mai) in fighting game.
      But it's so hard to fight as her in Kof / Fatal Fury, don't know why?
      Chunli on Street Fighter is better I think? (as a fighter, you know how the special move can be effective, combos).
      Sorry OOT...

    4. Yessss Mai is awesome O\/O

  4. ?25% PREIVEW

    1. Yes just give me some time to put a post together ^^