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Sunday, 14 September 2014

TFS:8 - Hell is Coming...

Dear Fans,

I know it has been awhile, more than one year that you're waiting for this very moment...
Against all odds, you have been patient...But the wait is over now!

In order to satiate yout appetite (lust?), and based on some good advise, I've decided to split the chapter in 3 parts:

Part 1 160 pages
Part 2 160 pages
Part 3 220 pages

Part 2 and 3 should follow quite quickly after part 1 has been released.

Where normally I've always been against splitting my chapters, understand that I'm doing this for you.

I'll update the post here with the new parts and with the announcement of the full chapter, once it has been finished.

I also understand that some of you want to wait until the full chapter is released, so for those of you who don't want to get spoiled, do not read all the comments below.

SPOILER - do not read further

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Monday, 28 July 2014

TFS:8 - 90% The Last One!

Finally, here we are, We've never been that close from the end ^^
The last update before the final release.

The post itself's gonna be short, as I'm falling asleep in front of my computer -_-
It's because it's you, that I'm staying that late to upload those few pics, as always, hoping you'll like them.

With this update, I can definitely tell you that the entire chapter will go over 500 pages, as I'm actually up to page 501 :-p
172 scenes have already been rendered, only 17 left...

I've started working on the last Big scene of this chapter, posing the bricks of the next one.
And believe me, I didn't know to what I would be confronted, when I wrote this 8th chapter.
Consequently, Chapter 9 is already promised to be a hell of challenge to produce >_<

Enjoy the update (as this will be the last one)

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Friday, 11 July 2014

G9 Wiki

Hi Guys,

After a few days spent in China for work, I'm back in business...

Although it's not yet time for the last update before the final release, I'm here today to introduce you with a great concept created a few weeks ago on G9 comics by fans for the fans.

They had the genius idea of creating a wiki for each and every character of Shadow ranger, Gaia Ranger and SR0. Where the mad idea is, it's that the fan are responsible to write the "technical" card for their favourite character, which then get published by G9  and MpGrey.

As we are all big fans of those series, and as we don't wanna leave any character behind, we need you guys to help us complete this great Wiki. It's easy, Go on G9 Wiki, Pick one character who has not been done yet, let other people know that you're gonna work on this character, check the structure on how to write your "card" and here you go.

I believe this is a great idea to push the boundaries of those comics beyond the status of simple comic. It gives them another dimension, making them more alive.

So if you ever want to contribute to this big project, do not hesitate!

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Monday, 23 June 2014

TFS:8 - 80% Update...We are nearly there!

Waouw...2 posts in a month, it's been quite some time since the last time I managed to realize such feat ^^

Dammit this worldcup is gonna kill me, 4h of sleep by night since last week. I'm dead >_<
I'm spending my nights watching soccer and rendering of course ^^ At least, this is a good excuse to stay up that late. Who's watching? Who are you supporting?

Before jumping straight to the pictures, I first would like to dedicate this update to Pavelium2011, who, through his constant support, gave me the desire to over achieve. 
I'm a tough one to crack, but thanks to him, I finally decided to toe the line. A great Man. Thank you!

More seriously, you may have noticed that, yes, I've been faster to produce these last 10%, but don't get too excited. It's mainly due to the fact that, this part of the story occurs in the same environment.
I therefore had less scenes to create.

I'm now up to 450 pages, 154 scenes rendered out of 189, and should soon start working on the last big part of this chapter.

If everything goes as planned (I should know by now that nothing ever goes as planned, so don't take following statement for granted ^^), we could see the end of the tunnel this summer.
In 2 weeks, I'll be a few days in China for work, then I''ll be on holidays for another 2 weeks.
I'll have my laptop with me, but still not sure if I'll be able to render anything during those weeks. 
we'll see.

While I'm writing this post, I still haven't chosen the pics for the update, but this one could be a bit smaller than usual. As explained above, this update is mainly about one big scene, and I would not want to spoil too much showing a lot of pictures of the same scene >_<

I also wanted to let you know that I took good note of all the answers from the previous post, and will try to translate these, as best as I can, in my next comics.

Hoping you'll enjoy the pics.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

TFS:8 - 70% Update...Yes, the real 70% ^^

What better way to begin a good month of June, than with a small update about the next chapter of The Fallen Star ?

So here we go again , at least I finally caught up with my delay, and I 'm back in business in regards with my predictions ...
I am now up to126 scenes rendered out of 189, for a bit more than 400 pages o_O

If this chapter is immeasurably long, it's also because I love playing with all my characters , not neglecting any of them. It will then not be a surprise, if this chapter sees the return of some characters who had been absent for several instalments. With reason, the final battle between good and evil has never been so close. The end is coming... soon !

I know I've been saying the same thing over and over with each update, but the more we are progressing in the chapter, the harder it is to pick pictures which are interesting for you, but which are not spoiling the story too much. So don't blame me if sometimes, the update pics are not as juicy as you would like them to be ;-)
Hoping you still enjoy them.

On another topic, some of you might have noticed that, for the the past few months, I've also been working on the after Fallen Star.
Of course, I'm only up to writing the premisses, but I'd like to do something really big, something to be remembered, I mean in terms of quality of the story, but also graphically speaking.

And that is why I come to you today, with an update certainly, but also with a question. 
I was wondering why you like comics featuring a corruption theme ? And what do you like in these?

just because I like the quality of that pic ;-)

Is this better now? ...I'm talking about her skin color, not her position, you bunch of perv ^^

Mating in Monsterland...

Ugly Betty, I knew it was you!

In nomine Patris...

Lieutenant Selina, the armed wing of justice

Majin Buu is in Fallen Star!

The bum of an Angel...

Hop, armor liquefied...
MuUummm, there's a monster under my bed!

This is how CSI: Miami is solving crime ^^

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