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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Abracadabra and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Look at what the Easter Bunny dropped in my backyard for you this year!

Been reading on all of your comments, and it's true that I've been travelling a few times lately, and I'm again off to Brisbane next week and then Tokyo in 3-4 weeks, but I've actually been making good progress. You might have seen the progress bar making a big jump, and that's because I was waiting to finish the scene I was working on before updating the progress bar and posting an update.
While you might think it is mean >_<  that was on the contrary to be able to show you more than just pics from the same scene ^^

The 3rd chapter of Harriet Cooper has now just over 50 full HD pages, so I think we can count on a 150+ pages chapter.
Enjoy the update!

On top of the HC3 update, and as promised, I'm also joining one of the very first pic of TFS9:2
It's nothing really fancy, it's just for you to appreciate the retexture of Ran, and it also give you a hint about what the opening scene for part 2 will be ;)

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

TFS:9 - Hell is Back!

Dear TFS Fans,
You've been patiently waiting, and God knows how much your patience has been "tested" during this long period. A year, can you believe it?! Personally I can't, I don't know where this last year has gone. Maybe having a baby made it a bit busier ^^ 
But the wait is over now!

As for previous chapter, and in order not to make you wait another 6 months to get the complete "volume", it has been decided to split the chapter into 2 parts:
Part 1 218 pages
Part 2 a lot of pages

Just keep in mind that this has been written as a whole chapter, and was supposed to be released as a complete set, not meant to be split.
If some of you want to wait until the full chapter is released, spoil alert!!! Don't read further!

Nah I'm just kidding! I know nobody would ever wait another single minute ;P

As the title of this 9th chapter suggest it, this time we'll learn a lot about the genesis of this saga and how it all started, before coming back to the all out war raging between Hell and Heaven!

In the middle of the chapter, you may (or may not ^^) notice a big jump in terms of quality.
Indeed, and for those who don't know, I broke my piggie to finally got my hand on a brand new machine, which now allows me to use state of the art 3D engine and push the render quality a bit higher for the pleasure of your "eyes" only :P

Do not forget...this comic is free (for the moment)...but above all, contains content which is only suitable for adults 18+ !!!  All 3D models in this comic are 18+ years old intended.

Hoping you guys will like this 9th instalment.
Give us some constructive feedback, share your mind, share the love and above all...Enjoy peeps!

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Monday, 30 November 2015

TFS:9 - 40% Update and other treats


I guess leaving you wither, waiting for the next update, was too heartbreaking ^^
I usually try to come back to you every time I have something interesting to show you, and that's why I'm here today.

For those who remember, a couple of month ago I bought a brand new machine in order to up the quality of my pictures, and hopefully make the rendering a bit faster, all of that thanks to the
new 3D engine that goes with it.
I've also promised you that I would not use this new engine on the first part of the Fallen Star, as this new technology was requiring me to learn lighting, shading and texturing from scratch, and that would most likely cause even greater delay rendering TFS...

But you know, boy and their... It was itching me to at least play a little bit with my new toy ^^
So I've chosen some lab rats for my experiments and decided to rework Smashaaaa!
Remember the She-Hulk-like superhero from Legion. Green skin (actually all unnatural skin color) are quite hard to render and make it look like realistic. So if I could make this one right, I knew I could quickly improve my skills. I gave it a try and... let me introduce you the brand new Smasha!
Check the old version against the new one and let me know what you think. As far as I'm concerned, I love it!

I was really excited by the results, and started thinking "that looks good but... it's only a character on its own... I wonder what it would look like in a real scene!"
And if I had to start rendering some scene, better not waste time on random pics but rather invest this time in one of my other projects...
Legion 2's script not being ready, I needed another guinea pigs...
And what else was ready to roll... HC chapter 3!
So here's a sneak peek at the very first few pics of Harriet Cooper Chapter 3 in Full HD res and entirely made with my new machine! Look at the wood fire lights, the texture of the coach,...
What... You're only here for boobs and dicks?! Ah.. Ah... Sorry...
Just imagine Penny and Gellina naked then ;P


Then, as promised, I went back to The Fallen Star, putting my new rig aside T_T
and it looked like this...



Since the release of the second chapter of HC, I was quite frustrated with the quality of my pics, not being able to go further and make them look even better. But then the summum of frustration hit me when I had to go back producing pictures as here above >_<
All of that when I just had experience Magic!
So I've said "screw my promises and let's start producing some real 3D here"
And the Magic happened again... There were sparkles in my eyes, blinded by realistic looking...boobs! Who asked for boobs?!

 Let's hope you'll appreciate the quality as much as the quantity, and that these few pics will help you wait till the release.

PS: Bad news the new machine spits good looking pics, but does not do it faster >_<
It's definitely faster with the old 3Delight engine, but still takes between 20 to 60 minutes with the new engine. I'm already quite happy it does not take 1-2h as a few persons were telling me \o_o/

Christmas Update ---------------------------------

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

TFS:9 - 25% Update... Alleluia!!!

Alleluia It's finally time for some update!
Yes, I know I've said I would post it yesterday, but in the mess of all I had to prepare before getting my flight... I did not had the time to write you a charming post ^^
So it's from my hotel room that I'm doing so.

So here we are, the very first pics of the Fallen Star chapter 9: Liber Genesis!
Or rather no... no pics. Somebody told me they would probably not spoil anything and therefore would most likely be uninteresting, so instead of showing you pictures... I'm just gonna tell you verbally how fantastic this chapter will be. Ahahaha I'm kidding, of course. 
For anonymous who prefer the old pics of Yoru No Majin chapter 2, you're not allowed to look at the rest of the post... but as I feel magnanimous today, I've posted the pics I had done for Yoru 2 in the Yoru no Majin Section. Not sure they're going to be that interesting, but I still hope they make at least one person happy ^^

Back to TFS9, where the first 50% of the first part have finally been done. This represents around 80 pages rendered. So I guess it's safe to say that part one should count around 150 pages.
So around 300 pages for the entire chapter? Not quite! 
If Part 1 has a bigger focus on the Devil and all of its evil deeds, where most of the action is centralized at one place, Part 2 will bring forth the long awaited last battle in heaven, which should most than likely be bigger, due to a lot of action taking place everywhere!

While I'm in the US, I'll take a few days off and also take the opportunity to buy parts for my new computer as the they are much cheaper over there than here ^^
Yes finally! I'm going to build a new rig as soon as I'm back, with the latest component available on the market. It won't be a professional rendering machine, but it still should be a lot better than the laptop I've been using so far >_<

In a first time, and not to further delay the release of TFS, I will only use this new machine for its rendering power, and to produce the picture hopefully in minutes instead of hours...
But with power come also... responsibilities? No, new features! In a second time, this new beast will give me access to a new physically based 3D engine, which should help me reach a new level in terms of quality. For those who don't know what a Physically based 3D engine can do, check G9's blog, most of his pictures are rendered using Octane or check Octane's website itself. For those who don't care, Just wait to see the results ^^
But this will come after the release of TFS, as mastering this new engine is going to be a steep learning curve. Indeed, the way of lighting and texturing scenes (which are the most important parts of creating gorgeous pictures) is completely different, so basically I have to learn it all over again >_<

Time for a donation spree, think about it... you might own a piece of the GPU that has helped rendered the Fallen Star Ahahaha ^^

Enjoy the pics and see you soon peeps.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Because they say no news is good news...

Ouha Gentlemen,

Long time no see...
Truth is... I've been away from ComixxxLand for awhile, I travelled for work, I travelled for fun.
I took a little bit of distance, a little bit of time for myself to rediscover why I was creating those comics.

I've been cogitating a lot about this... I'm the kind of guy who always take on more than he can chew, always wriggling out of trouble with a pirouette, but this time, I've come to the conclusion that...
I can't work on anything else than Fallen Star at the moment.

As I literally have less and less time to dedicate to this "hobby", and before I definitely bow out, I must at least finish this series.  It means that the 9th Chapter of Fallen Star: Liber Genesis, will be my main priority as from now. The first few renders came out a few days ago, and hopefully this should give something good. And with a little bit of luck, as I'm writing this post, I'm might even change my mind and let a few pics "leak". Who said it was a marketing strategy :D

At the same time, and for the same aforementioned reasons , I'm left with no other choice than cancel the Yoru No Majin series T_T
This is a shame, because I hate to give up on characters I've created, but it's the harsh reality of life.
I know that some of you will be cheering, and some of you will be spewing, but bear in mind that I did not take this decision lightly, or even based on all the comments posted about this series lately.
Dark Hypnotic, who commissioned this series at the beginning, is obviously really disappointed by this news, so please guys, show him your support.

From a more rejoicing side, and as some of you may have already noticed, a new section called
"The Queen" has been added on the right hand side of the blog. This is not (yet ^^) a new project, but it's a "very dear to my heart" character that I'm working on when time allows it. The first few pics of the queen I've posted are at a very early stage, but with her consent :P I'll keep on making her evolve to become the true Queen of the Underworld. So make sure you keep visiting her page, and pledge your loyalty to her, and I will keep updating this section with new pics ;)

And last but not least, your may have noticed that a second section has been added to the site, but on your left hand side this time, and which lead to the brand new Hall of Corruption blog created and managed by my great friend Hell of a Critic, aka HoC ^^
This new den for corruption lovers aims to gather everything related to the theme of Corruption: 2D/3D image set and comics, movies, games, stories,..
Don't hesitate to put it in your fav, and of course, if there's some great corruption material that you know of, and which is not yet on the site, make sure to let him know.

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