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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Yakuzas released me... Who's paid the ransom?!

No you're not's me...
No I haven't been abducted by aliens taking pleasure probing my ass.
No I don't have cancer, nor dying of any other form of rare disease contracted during one of my trips.
I can't say that I'm burning out either and saying that I'm back would be lying as I've never really left... I've been reading your comments on a daily basis, but I just didn't know what to answer...

This is sad to say and I guess really unfair for you. And as Mpgrey and Anonymous were saying,
I had no rights to leave you in the dark like that.

Yes, I have a busy life, like most of you. Yes, I have a family that I need to care for, like most of you.
Yes, I have less and less time to dedicate to his hobby, but this is not new...
Yes, my usual schedule has been completely turned upside down, and for a night owl like me, this is tough... I won't be apologizing profusely, but truth is, and it's hard to admit for me, I took a massive slap in my face at work at the beginning of the year, and since then my head has been in a tough space to say the least...

On top of that, I really was not happy with the quality of my own renders, I hit the wall a few times with the scenes I was working on, on both HC and TFS, and it put me in a state of even greater confusion >_<

But slowly I got back on my horse, found a few solutions to overcome the issues I had with the comics, and finally go some renders out. I know that Anonymous was saying that he would prefer me saying that I had no time, and that I didn't make any progress, but this is really something that I hate to admit...

You will have noticed by now... I haven't made a lot of progress...
but it would have been really disappointing and not fair for you if I was not giving you at least a few sneak peeks of the very little progress I've made.

Hoping you'll still enjoy it.