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Monday, 31 March 2014

TFS:8 - 60% Update...Or nearly...

Is it me or you guys are getting more and more impatient with each update...^^

Let me remind you that this blog is supposed to be a community for all fans of Corruption and MC comics, everybody's here for the same thing, I guess, so please be kind to each other.
 I can't render faster, not because I don't want to, but just because making those damn comic take ages >_<

This being said, we here to enjoy the 60% update of this 8th chapter.
Actually 60% isn't really accurate and should be reviewed to something close to 50% T_T
Unfortunately some scenes had to be lengthened a bit but hopefully, I'll catch up later with some quicker scenes. But don't worry, you still have deserved your 10% update, why? because what I did since last update is still equal to 10% worth of work. Yepaaa

I won't tell you the number of pages I'm up to, otherwise some people would roll themselves on the floor till I release the chapter as it is right now. But don't be fooled, a lot of pages does not mean a lot of corruption, transformation or money scenes. Basically if I had to release the chapter now, you would equally roll yourself on the floor, spewing, as you wouldn't have what you're expecting of any TFS chapter ^^

What I can tell you tho' is, including this update, you will have seen more or less 60 pictures while I already have rendered more than 700, and created more than 75 scenes with Daz. A huge work, which, I hope, will pay off when the chapter will finally be released.

On the other hand, I listen to what you're asking for, so here're a little bit of Tethys and Emika for those who can't stand waiting  ;-)

Enjoy dear fans of corruption...

Here she is, the most popular character of all times...maybe I should rename the comic Emika instead of Fallen Star ^^

Ran, all worried about her little sister...Or not...

that, is a nice and comfy position

Or do you rather prefer this one ?!

Looks like Tethys is going through a hell of a time...

Finally managed to get a proper render for water

Greedy Leprechauns

Sneaky little bastard, looking under the girl's skirt

100 points if you hit the target right in the centre...

Monday, 17 March 2014

TFS:8 - 50% Update

Whoaa I'm already that late.
Sorry for the waiting guys, I know it's only monday night, but just coming back from a crazy I'll be brief.

As stated in my last comment, I've fortunately been able to retrieve all the files from my dying HDD, so no loss, that's a big win. Lucky I did a backup the night before *winning* :-D

A little bit less pics this time, why? not because I don't like you anymore ^^
But just because it's impossible for me to post more pics without spoiling you big time.
Hope you'll still enjoy them.

Colonel Mustard with some rubbles in the kitchen ?
Emika, passion, committment, selflessness...
booga booga

And dressed up, even better ^^
ouuh, he's ugly, he's mean, he fucks angels...yes he's a villain!

Captain Valar, ready to serve...

Valar...with a view!
Another one...just for the fans


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The End...RIP my beloved HDD

I guess what was meant to happen one day, just finally happened.
Pushing my hard drive too much everyday, it just, tragically, let me down in the middle of my daily rendering session >_<

Miraculously, I've made a backup of my last projects yesterday, but still, I've just lost a lot of other stuff.

It seems like I can still access my drive, but it's reaaaaaaaallly slow, so I will spend the night trying to retrieve what I can.

Hopefully, I should have everything I need to start all over again in this backup, but it will take time to setup a new machine and reinstall everything I need to be back on track.

Ask G9, it's far from Being funny T_T

I'd like to say that it should be back to normal quickly, but unfortunately, it Seems like all odds are against me in this beginning of the year.
Hope you'll understand I might be a bit off in the coming days T_T