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Monday, 17 February 2014

TFS:8 - 40% Update

Aaaaaaah here it is...a new Fallen Star update, you can stop F5'ing ;-P

As usually, a little bit of stat to start with ^^
So far, 168 pages have been rendered for a little bit more than 40% of the total chapter.
I'm so excited working on this one, so much to fit, a few really good pictures as well.

I know I'm not doing it enough, but I'd like to take the time to thank all the people supporting me and my work through donations. Some of you have been very generous this month and deserve some praise.
Know that all the money is re-injected in the creation of my comics, and allow me to keep buying and creating new content. This is all for you guys ;-)

Other news, I've been contacted lately by a japanese company which would like to publish my work on the japanese market. Dunno how it might end up, but we never know, it at least means my works may interest other culture...sort of ^^

And to close this post, I'll finish by saying that I'm finally over with January (and mid Feb ^^)
and things should start to settle down a little bit at work, which would give me more time to work on my projects hopefully. No more coming back after 23 >_< ...I hope

Here we are, that's the end of my diatribes, so enjoy the selection of pics
And as far as I'm concerned, now I can go back working on Saga's final form ;-P

Mariah...always ready to sin

the Devil and his concubines

the least we can say is...her ass is on fire...

Smoky tentacles ??

who said she was cute last time ?!

a scholar man

dragon telepathy

first showdown, who will be the winner ?!