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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The End...RIP my beloved HDD

I guess what was meant to happen one day, just finally happened.
Pushing my hard drive too much everyday, it just, tragically, let me down in the middle of my daily rendering session >_<

Miraculously, I've made a backup of my last projects yesterday, but still, I've just lost a lot of other stuff.

It seems like I can still access my drive, but it's reaaaaaaaallly slow, so I will spend the night trying to retrieve what I can.

Hopefully, I should have everything I need to start all over again in this backup, but it will take time to setup a new machine and reinstall everything I need to be back on track.

Ask G9, it's far from Being funny T_T

I'd like to say that it should be back to normal quickly, but unfortunately, it Seems like all odds are against me in this beginning of the year.
Hope you'll understand I might be a bit off in the coming days T_T


  1. Sad to hear that. For one I hope you will be able to salvage most of your work on TFS and the other projects and for two I hope that it won't take you too much money to fix your machine.

    I've been there too bro. I know that feeling.

  2. I'm very sorry to hear that my problem is that we moved into a house built 1957 and there's the house is not grounded try get a Wi-Fi signal with all that electrical interference

  3. Zurtog the terrible5 March 2014 at 12:28

    Sorry to hear about your problems Shinra,
    Still, if you'll allow me, I just had a revelation concerning a problem I had lastly in your comics' corruptions. I wanted to post it before but then I saw this...
    Anyway re-reading your comics I realised I hadn't really been satisfied by any corruption since Chapter 5 and I now know why:
    The new corrupted characters have had inconsistent corruption !
    While Starlight was corrupted by the Devil, Mariah by Lilith... and that i liked those corruption, Lumiel or Saga started being corrupted by the Devil's clan but then ended being corrupted by another one (monster clan)
    It's kind of a disapointment because you expect them to finally to fall to that side, but then they fall to another. It ruins it a bit.
    Also I prefer when the corruption is more personnal and we see one specific character
    corrupting another.

    Once again good luck with your computer. We'll wait.
    (I hope I gave you food for thought in the meantime)

  4. As long as you can still access the old drive, no matter how slow it is, there is still hope!

    Very good call to make those backups. One of those habits you're always wondering why you're doing it, but now you'll be more than glad you did it.
    Losing everything is terrible. About the worst thing that can happen to a comic maker.

  5. Sorry to hear that, and best of luck to you my friend.

  6. there are some programs to help you..

  7. Good luck Shinra.

  8. good luck shinra, sorry to hear that

  9. Horrible to hear about the crash, hopefully all can be recovered. It doesn't sound catastrophic if its working slowly, so maybe there is still hope. Good luck salavaging.

  10. Hey Shinra, you ok ?
    How is the salvation of you files doing ?
    Need help ?

  11. Sorry to hear about your hard drive, I wish you luck and encouragement.

  12. Hey, Shinra.
    Sorry to hear that, but as long as you can access some of the data, even if it's very slow, it's still good, better than mine >_<
    And you know what, it seems Daz really a HDD special killer, it reads the HDD all the time when it's rendering, retrieves data from all over the place...keep the HDD spinning fast and... kill it... (yes... Daz is very cruel...)
    Maybe we should try to move all the data into SSD even if it's very expensive >_<

  13. OH !!!FUCK NO!!!!!

  14. I know I've been quite silent those last days, but I've literally been working all my nights after work, trying to keep the situation in control. So here's a little bit of an update:

    I finally managed to copy the remaning files that were still on my dying HDD, and the good news is, I didn't lost any file, nor from the comics, nor personal *happy*

    The way I backed up my daz repository made it easier to reinstall all my content, and I've been back on track since a few days - check the progress bar ;-)

    The only annoying point (to be improved for next HDD crash) is that I did not back up my content management database (the small file which retains all your personal categories where you store your 3d models) meaning my 3D models are all over the place, scattered everywhere within daz preset categories T_T
    I have to search 10 minutes each time I wanna find something >_<

    @G9 - Yes, Daz is a HDD killer, it keeps on reading and reading all the time, and it seems like there's nothing we can do about it.

    Another good news, for me, for G9 most likely, and for all of you guys, if you're looking for a good backup solution. Google finally decided to lower its google drive price, and we can now subscribe to a 1To plan for only 9.99 a month. Yes my post looks like a crappy spam ads, but still, this is good news for me as I've been waiting a long time for this ^^

    Last but definitely not the least, update time somewhere tomorrow ;-)

    1. That's great to hear everything was able to be recovered, though the having to reorganize will be a pain especially with the number of files you have to sort through. The idea of using google as your drive space sounds like a great idea instead of getting an SDD. I look forward to the next update, which will also mean half way to the next Fallen Star :D

  15. Just another guy15 March 2014 at 14:15

    Yeahhh! Update !!

  16. still here waiting for the update

    is it happening soon?

  17. i don't want to be rude but, guys check the time on the right of your posts obviusly its morning where shinra lives and its monday that means he is at work. if he is going to post today it will be at evening

  18. update today?

  19. are you still working?