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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Fallen Star Ch. VI : Interview with Miss-T

The next Fallen Star Chapter has reach 25% in the rendering process, and as promised,
it's time for some teaser ^O^

We're here on H3N Comics with Miss Taggert who came straight from the shooting of the next episode !

SK: So Miss Taggert how are you tonight ?

MT: I'm good actually ! Just had a scene with one of my student...It was fantastic
       But Call me Miss-T...All of my fans call me Miss-T

SK: Seems like you're back in business ?!

MT: Yeah ! For all of my fans...I'm back in my classroom !

SK: So what can you tell about this new chapter ? I'm all excited you know...

MT: Mmh...till now we've only dealt with one side of the balance.
        In this chapter, you're gonna discover the other side...

SK: What do you mean by...the other side ?

MT: I'm not gonna spoil the story but what I can tell is that you'll meet 9 new characters,
       each having a real role to play in the story.

SK: Waouw! That's huge. How's the realisator doing with all of those new actors ?

MT: we're all doing great, we're a big family. He's trying to give all of us a lot of attention.
       No character will be put aside and everyone of them will have its moment of glory and
       that's also why the chapters are getting bigger and bigger...and why you have to wait longer and longer.
       Hope it will worth the wait...

SK: And what about...Mmmh you know...MMh you know what I'm talking about...

MT: Sex ! I know you were only waiting for this. You're nothing but a bunch of perv...

SK: You know I'm not like that...

MT: you're the worst !

SK: Ahaha true !

MT: Don't worry...this issue will include a lot more of sex scene. Safe sex of course.
       Never go out unprotected ;-)

SK: I can't wait to see this!! Tell me more...

MT: I'm sorry to disappoint you but nobody in this issue will be completely corrupted.

SK: Any kinky stories ?

MT: Kimy will finally have her "revenge" on Lisa. Poor girl.
       Talking about stories...this chapter will be the richest in twists and revelations since
       the beginning of the saga. It should also be the longest issue...263 pages exactly according to
       storyboard !

SK: That's a lot...maybe we should ask the producers to release it in two separate issues...
       The guardians part 1 and 2...

MT: Euuuh...This is not twilight hum hum we re not here to make some money ^^

SK: So if you had to summarize the story in a few words...what would it be ?

MT: Mmmh...I'd say Sex - Homecoming - Sex - Revelations - Sex - Conspiracy - A lot of Sex -
        Battle - A word from the Devil - A word from God - Sex - Torture - Exorcism - Sex - A lot of Sex -
        Battle - Torture - Corruption - Happy Ending

SK: that's a whole story...I heard that the prod had some arguments with the censorship committee about
       the last chapter. Do you have something to say about this ?

MT: Just to be sure nobody will be offended this time, all allusion to religion have been removed from this
        issue and those to come. So that lil Timmy's folk won't complain...

SK: Dear Miss-T we're running out of time...A last words for your fans ?

MT: Timmy if you're reading this... You still had not learn your lesson... This blog is for adult.........ONLY

SK: Miss-T it's now time to leave, any idea of a release date for this amazing yet to come next chapter

MT: I'm sure it will be ready for Santa to drop it under the tree !

SK: Miss-T thank you. Hope to see you soon.
       And don't forget to stay tuned for scenes of our next episode (in another 25% ^^)
       Only on H3N Comics !


  1. Thanks Shinra !
    So, no complete corruption in this one ? :(
    But a lot of sex,that counterbalances the whole thng I guess ^^
    Anyway, take your time to surprise us, it'll be worth the wait I'm sure !

  2. Brilliant Shinra - take your time to give that fantastic imagaination of yours free rein! Balancing your story now with some losses for our favourite characters (you KNOW who I mean haahaaaaa) will only make it more fun when they win... (I hope!;-)

  3. holy shit i gasped xD thats nice the thing with no corruption hm i hope there will be a little bit of it but the thing with sex sex sex sounds good

  4. Miss-T said no character completely brainwashed/corrupted...
    It doesn't mean that we won't have some corruption process taking place ^^

  5. Glad to have stumble upon ur blog :) was kindda worry that it will end after chapter 5 after all the problems. Its good to hear that every thing is right back on track and its 25% already :). Would like to see more corrupted if possible. Will always support your work *thumbs up*

    1. I will be "working" on the corruption of at least 3 perso in this 6th chapter...I hope enough to satisfy you ^O^

  6. Hi shinra , We will always support your work. About the kids who see adult blogs its normal i think, the problem is the parents who allow their kids use internet without their supervision

    It Could be a great idea to exorcism one character and after some time corrupt her again. I hope miss t suffer this fate ahaha

    1. Thanks digi
      Yeah I'm out of my misery now...let's go for another, I hope, great chapter !

      For'll definitely see what fate awaits her and yes...the exorcism will be back...another form of but same effect ahah ^^

  7. Happy Halloween Miss.T
    Happy Halloween Shinra-Kun

  8. miss t Mind Control full , spy

  9. dude i see your design and coloring is getting better and better with every chapter

    1. Thank you !
      I find some new trick and tips to improve the renders yeah I'm still learning ^^

      Hope you like next issue ;-)

    2. of course 3 corrupttion scenes are good enough and what ms T told us oh yeah xD

  10. wow Shinra, to many pages, a long time to wait! I believe that you should ask for help!!! :)

    1. Baah script and storyboard are done...
      Have already rendered 78 pages on 263, it's on track...
      for the moment ^O^

      That's nearly 2 chapters in one and I hope it will be ready for gift to all of the fans ;-)

  11. WHOA! Good render you got here Shinra! Love the lighting here! Great Job!

    LOL, Timmy become a new TROLL... ^_^

    1. thank you bro

      Yeah Timmy is a troll all by himself ^^

  12. You always do such good work that it's great to see you still up and running. As a possible suggestion, if it's going to be 260+ pages why not just break it into 2 separate chapters and do it that way? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a super mega huge chapter but making the story a few extra chapters longer wouldn't hurt either.

    1. Don't worry this one won't be the last one ;-)
      I said I won't split it in 2 chapters because I wanted this whole chapter to come in one go as the story claims it
      but the more I thinking about it the more I may revised my judgement ^^

      I'm around 35% rendered till now, just finished a massive scene of this chapter who took me quite some time and hopefully I should speed up a little bit from now on...

      Some other projects are also coming in the pipe and should be at least advertised/teased soon ;-)

    2. well if you break it in 2 parts we see it sooner but then at the end of the chapter we have to wait for its ongoing and i think this is harder than to wait a bit longer and then see the whole action this is then like booooooooom

    3. Most likely I won't break it into 2 parts...
      but yes you will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer

  13. Oh I was just merely suggesting is all, I'm perfectly fine with whichever scenario you choose. Thanks again for the great work you do.

    1. no worries mate.
      My intention is to try to release it in one go but not to make you wait too long ;-)

  14. I see FT Project what does FT stand for?

    1. FT means Fairy Tale...hahaha
      But it's just a code name I gave to this project as I don't have a proper name for that story yet ;-)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. It's a shame the religious content is being removed. I actually rather enjoyed that aspect of the content. I personally don't see why your work should have to be changed.

    But that's just me. Here's looking forward to some more good content from you in the future. I'll be waiting.

    1. Don't worry I've just stopped using object like cross or other obvious religious sign but the whole universe of the story between God and the Devil will definitely remains

    2. Happy to hear from my standpoint.