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Friday, 27 September 2013

Superheroes are back...for our greatest pleasure !

Yesssss I'm back.... !
What ! What do you mean by... You're not a superhero ?!

I may not be a superhero but still...I can introduce you to our brand new team: the Legion !

This bunch of superfreak's about to join the war against the devil, help Starlight and her fellow Guardians to fight this threat coming straight from hell...
The battle will be hard...but the light will triumph !

Euhhhh you understood I was joking right ^_^

Of course Legion: Thrall of the Mask is a brand new project on which I'm glad to work on, and done in collaboration with MasterShake !

Since a bit more than a year now working on making comics, I could not help but notice that you guys, like to participate, get involved, bref be part of the adventure...

Great news for you, we've decided with MasterShake to try a new concept with this project, by giving you the opportunity to directly influence the course of history. How ? By voting of course !
Before each chapter, we'll ask you a few question which, depending on your answer, will help our heroes in their fight against evil or...will lead them a bit more toward their "end" ! (read corruption gnark gnark gnark)

Hoping you'll like the idea, let's dive into this brand new universe !

Steelgate City

Just Chillin'

Super Asskicking Flying Kick ^^

Superheroes or Villains ?

bwahahaha - Don Kanonji style ;-P


  1. Shinra going Presidus-style after all?

    I'm not sure if I like that concept because you can't make a deep, carefully planned story if the whole world repeatedly decides what's going to happen next.
    And I personally think that your ability to plan far ahead and make those big well-crafted stories is one of your strongest points in comic making. Something that sets you apart from your colleagues.

    Only exception would be if this Legion story was always meant to be simple and lighthearted.
    In that case, I support your decision to experiment with this.

    1. I think it's ok to do this with one specific comic while keeping the others the way they are. I agree that the big well-crafted story is his strong point and a reason I love this site but trying out something new with one comic can' hurt.

    2. Hey There!

      So just to clear up some things. Shinra isn't written the story, that duty falls to me. Shinra's been amazing to work with so far so I wouldn't write the project off just yet.

      I understand your concern with the "choice" system but I think you have the wrong idea. The way this is meant to be set out isn't as convoluted as it may seem. While it won't apply for the first chapter, the choices will only be 2-3 for each story. Think along the lines of those old choose your own story. There's path A and path B.

      For me as a writer, I have the entire plot for the chapters we have talked about planned out. I have an ending, but how we get there and how people or events unfold will be shaped by the amazing people here.

      However, these questions won't be so easy. Instead of being "Does Girl A corrupt girl B" it will be more along the lines of this.

      "A police officer pulls you over. Do you state your case immediately or let him speak first?"

      These questions are disguised so that you answer truthfully and not towards one choice. They are masked har har.

      This story will carry the same craftsmanship that Shinra prides himself on. While it's more lighthearted and different that stories to date, I can say it will offer a lot to the people that come on here. Otherwise I don't think he would have taken my idea in the first place.

    3. Exciting to see the new images from the new series and find out what the general concept is about. I especially like pic number #5. The red haired guy in #4 looks a lot like gambit from X-men and this does deal with superheroes...hmmm...

      As far as choice goes with the voting, I'm interested to see where it goes. Like MPGrey said, most of us are here for the master crafted stories so hopefully Legion does find that sweet balance of what fans want vs what you want to tell. Cheers to this new experiment.

      Finally, welcome MasterShake. It's always exciting to see new collaborations. I see that you are going to be tricky with the questions. GOOD, I'm kinda opposed to sneak peaks and the like. Disguising what the true intentions are better for surprises. So I have two questions then. Are you writing multiple storyboards depending on which answers are selected and go with that one or are you writing them after the selection has been made? Secondly no questions for the first chapter correct?

    4. To answer your questions. Chapter 1 will have no voting as it's the set up chapter and will allow the view to get and idea of things. When Chapter 1 goes up, Shinra will post the first poll which will have 2 questions that will shape chapter two. Storyboard wise, I have interchangeable parts that I can add or move around that will allow the story to flow.

      To give you an idea about a choice. One choice might lead to someone showing up a chapter or two early rather than later on. Another might decide which mission a corrupted minion takes etc etc.

      The stories will have enough time between them that after the votes go up for a week or so, they will be counted and I'll begin to write the script to send in to Shinra.

      Ty for the kind words. I hope you guys are excited for this one. It will have plenty of corruption and transformation in it.

    5. Nice answers, MasterShake. It helps to know that the different branches have all been taken care of already.
      So yeah, we have no choice but to trust you two and look forward to an interesting experiment and a completely different kind of story.

  2. Fallen Star is still my favourite :3! But everything can change!

  3. Legion: Thrall Of The Mask this comic fast ! 34 % in one week not bad!
    the woman on the last picture is she good or was she good or is she evil?
    she has the same dress like the soldiers??
    if the comic is so fast; when will it coming out 2 Week or 3 Week ? :)
    ps. Are there now 3 comic between each The Fallen Star??

    1. yes ! that's because the comic is only 20 pages long...
      Ahahaha I'm just kiddin'

      No I did not render 34% of this new comic in a week. I was already working on this project for a while. I just tried to (positively) surprise you :-p
      Let you think "bah there's nothing coming soon on the blog" then BAM
      a new chapter with already 25% done.

      What is true on the other side, is that I rendered +- 10% in a week.
      This chapter, unlike Yoru 2 and H.C 2, does not include big challenges (technically speaking) so it's gone pretty smoothly so far and that's why this one is moving way faster than the other one ^^

  4. Replies
    1. I understand you...
      How not to be moved by so much beauty ;-p

  5. Replies
    1. I'll publish a poll,
      but it will only start as from chapter 2

  6. when can you start again to work on The Fallen Star ;)
    the other story are nice but in the moment i will see, what will happen with emika and leto:)
    The Mother of All sounds great

  7. Hell of a Critic1 October 2013 at 04:50

    Hello Shinra
    Here is my new mail in case of need (the old one broke) :

  8. Well I for one find this to be FUCKING AWESOME it really is a great concept and can't wait to see it in action, any idea what you guys would do if there ends up being a poll tied or too close to call?

    1. A coin shall be flipped.

    2. we'll use our joker to call a friend ^^

  9. when can we see the first pictures of The Fallen Star Ch. 8, in one month or more in two? I just read it, it is very good!
    now I will know when I can read the next story and can see the first pictures of it, in 6 month, or more in 5 or.... less;)?

    1. I really hope, for the sake of your sanity guys, that you won't have to wait 6 month to see the first pics pop out ;-p

  10. yes 1 % :) only 99 % missing :O)

  11. Emika speaks about Shaun, will we meet him in the future?
    are there some other friends of Emika and Alice ( Saga) that we will Meet in the next one?

    1. euh no not really.
      They are just part of their background story

  12. will saga tf / corr human in the future or is that all in the end the job of the mother?
    the tf by engel is time-limited and that the corr. was working with Zell, was because of the choker that he has?
    can she use her power also be "Demon" ( the sister or by Mariah)?
    what happen if she sting more than one time?
    Is that correct, that the power of Saga is that she can tf Angel or Demon too a Monster and the this creature help her for a short time (hours)?

    1. Yes, because Zell is an angel, the transformation is weakened and only last a couple of hours
      The collar is just there to suppress his angel powers and keep him as harmless as any mere human.

      Don't worry for Saga, her "abilities" will highly be demonstrated in chapter 8 ;-).

  13. can she use her power also be Demon?

    1. I never tried to see if it was working >_<

  14. it is a interesting idea that Saga now tf some people of the devil side!
    and brings this people too the Mother! the devil has on this point to many people! A surprise attack she can use tethys in the beginning and tf her and in the and she leave her be the the New Queen in the end.
    and because this action, tethys hates she in the end, so that she is easier to cor. vor the Evil queen or Devil.
    But I hope that is the big chapter of Leto and not the next one:)
    and to see Emika again.
    Will this one be Bigger than the last one?
    where will in the next one the most picture play?
    in the heaven?
    be Arachnea?
    or on earth

    in the last one were 171p. in the heaven!
    52 in the hell
    31 at Arachnea
    and 43 on earth
    ok is Arachnea is "heaven" that means 2/3 in the heaven!
    Where will much of action in the next play?

  15. If I leave it like it is right now...yes the chapter should be bigger :-/
    I would say it should be pretty much balanced between Hell - Earth - Heaven if you include Arachnea's lair

    1. bigger is good:)! the wait is not so good :(
      in the last comic you could stop on P. 103 (108) but the joke with the brother would be not funny anymore and could stop on P. 193 this would then be 3 comic.

    2. Unless I learn a magic trick which speed up the whole process...I will have to split this chapter, as according to my estimation, it's way too big to be delivered in one single chapter

  16. the green thing where the oracle and zell are trapped in, is that just to hold them and make be "miss T" or is this a kind of cocoon and has a impact of the corruption of them?

    1. it's just holding's not corrupting them

  17. that means that a big paar plays on the island and be saga friend! (earth).
    then the spies in the Hell will be a big part and the Evil Queen the next one (Hell)
    if Arachnea's lair not the Heaven is the part still as large the hell?:)
    and has leto (my favorite angel) a big importance in the next one?

    1. a bit less in heaven than the rest of this universe.
      Leto has a supra important role in this chapter, yet she won't appear that much :-/

  18. the next is the big chapter of Saga and her new power! is that right?

    1. I said...Saga's power will be demonstrate in next chapter, not that all chapter will be focused on this ^^

  19. is Rama becoming younger now ?
    he looks stronger and has no gray hair in this one:)

    1. I changed his hair a bit indeed, but younger no, it's more due to the lights

  20. sorry for asking I was looking last week week this page and the % is i thing the same, no from 2% of 3% this is very unusual for you :)
    (we are pampered of you)
    have you forgotten to update it or have you just work alot in the realy world;)

    1. haven't been at home these last four days...

    2. that explains it:)

  21. this comic is fast!
    before the weekend we can see a new great update of yours :)

  22. Replies
    1. Hum...I don't know...
      Seems like people are not really looking forward to it :-/

      Most likely update later on today or tomorrow

    2. What expect you?
      it is a new comic ! we have no idea what the comic looks like, so it is hard for us to looking forward to a new comic!
      if this were the falling star this were a other thing! but remember how was the the first to comic of the falling star! oh I forgot in on this point you has not a own website ( G9)
      And now what can we say about this comic? not much!.....????
      mmmhh ;-/
      could it be, that the green one are the bad ones?:)

      the same thing is with the other two storys!
      Yoru No Majin
      A Nina looks for same evil and became corrupt! and at home there are 2 younger students and her Master. What will happen next?
      The story is in the creating and on this point, there is not what will happen next?
      and the other story: a teacher are evil and corrupt of his "10" students one after another.
      this story has a littel more potential you saw the student and you now that Bella now corrupt but she is one this point not finished it was just the first time with the teacher. How will she look like what will happen next?

      and now think on the falling star at this point in the story?
      of course that we all want to know how the story will go on!
      and that any new comic on this point makes the much waiting harder!:)

  23. the woman with the green shoes on the first page is that the same woman at the last picture?

  24. Tethys look hot! can't wait to see the next comic.
    Thanks for the new picture on the homepage

  25. Thrall Of The Mask?
    I don't understand the heading of the comic?
    slavery Of The Mask? which mask?
    what's the meaning of the comic story?
    ps. 50% maybe it brings a little bit light in the new story

  26. Hello again, Shinra.
    I find it a bit funny that you announced a brand new comic and yet most of the comments here are for TFS universe.
    Last year you presented us an amazing Chirstmas gift with the chapter 6 so I hope that you will be able to do that again (hahaha :P).

    Anyway, thrall of the mask? Please let there be a mask that corrupts people, that will be amazing.

    1. P.S
      I expect some more pictures for the 50% mark. =)

  27. I am excited, Shinras comics are the best! :D!

  28. how many new character has moira island ? more than 6?