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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yoru No Majin Chapter 2 - Need your HELP Urgently



  1. I voted to the first option but with questions.

    I go against of smoking, because i am not a smoker and i don´t want to, also i don´t know or see the pictures of Dark Hypnotic, and in consecuence i don´t meet Dark Hypnotic still.

    I only know your pictures and g9´s pictures, but if the smoking is part of the history of the story or comic, who am i to go against Dark Hypnotic or you?

    1. Dark Hypnotic has written and help me built the Yoru no Majin serie that you can also find here on the blog.

      So the question is not to be or not against me but to support Dark Hypnotic's vision

    2. I am not a smoker. In fact, I hate smoking in real life really. Never have touched one, and any of my family members or friends can assure you that when they smoke I get all get away from me. Thing is, it is just a fetish that I have, that when I see a super sexy girl, someone you never would imagine smoking, smoking for the first time in front of you as she is about to have sex and it has the theme of corrupting her to your side of thinking sexually or just her submission into your is erotic. I am aware of the health hazards and all. That really is, honestly, the only time I find smoking sexy. It is kind of like finding out when you are with a women as your about to have relations that she is willing to do this one thing you always wanted to see her do, at least once.

      I can understand disgust at smoking. It has claimed many lives, but I am not disrespecting those lives nor am I promoting smoking. This is a fantasy comic, and I am simply crafting a story. Just like I would not suggest trying this in real life. Don't do it lol. But understand I am a non smoker and it IS disgusting for me too about 80% of the time.

  2. I don´t know really.

    I can´t say anything now.

    Yes half and no the other half.

    I am very sorry of my answer.

  3. I voted yes, however, as with all things in a corruption comic the success of the path to corruption depends on how its done. using smoking to corrupt too many characters, or it not being introduced in the wrong way would be a detriment to the series. I feel slow corruption is always the best way, and so i enjoyed the way smoking was used in shadow rangers.

    I trust in both of you to utilize the mechanism of smoking correctly in the story/universe the characters live in. I feel that it could enhance the series since in that world they are focused on ninjutsu.

    Perhaps ninja that focused on things other than Taijutsu (physical attacks) may be more vulnerable to the physical corruption smoking may bring. Or possibly ninjas that are primary Taijutsu users may use smoking to dull their senses.

    Both of you are talented enough to introduce this into the comic, i have faith! <3

    1. Believe it or not...that was my idea to G9. We both knew he was super busy with his comic and we had been wanting to do a commission together. So I cut him a deal. I got to choose one ranger and have smoking be her corruption method. What was done is the result of that deal.

    2. And the way it was used i thought worked really well. I felt it enhanced the comic, it offered a unique way to further degrade a character in a filthy situation to begin with. With such a gruesome end to the first chapter of the comic i feel this has the ability to fit in well. =) goodluck!

  4. well im not a friend of this smoking stuff BUT it is his idea he pays so he can put his fetish in, so i dont care its not that disturbing at all.

  5. Smoking doesn't turn me on, but it doesn't turn me off either, so I am all for running with his vision. Also that might be one of the more harmless fetishes I have heard of as well, so I've got no issues with it.

    And even if I did, so what? It would just mean I wouldn't read it, but someone who haven't read any of these comics before with that kind of fetish might read that one, which might lead to getting another in the h3n fanbase :P

  6. The whole smoking thing doesn't really do anything for me personally, but as Stian above me mentions, that's not important at all. I'm just one of the many readers, this comic is not made for me personally. There has been a lot done in Fallen Star that I don't really like either, but so what? I just close my eyes and read on, looking at the many other pages that do feature what I'm looking for.

    In all honesty, Shinra, I do think it's a little embarrassing to Dark Hypnotic that you chose to bring this disagreement outside and made it public.
    He is the commissioner. He payed you a lot of money to make his story come to life. He writes a good and deep story and "only" asks for one special thingie to be included.
    I also commented about the cigarette being out of place in the setting, so looking at this objectively, I understand why you opted for not including it, but you should just see it as part of the commission.
    You get money for this series, so you should see it as "work".
    Though simply seeing it as "work" is putting it far too negative: it'll likely be only one scene, or part of a scene. All the other pages (and that's a lot!) will be filled with content you're both agreeing on.

    I've been fortunate enough to be told more about the story and about what's going to happen. I can promise anyone reading this that there are big plans for Yoru no Majin. Plans that I want to see come to fruition.
    Plans that go beyond a "silly" discussion about cigarettes.

    The last thing we want is for Dark Hypnotic to lose his motivation for this series because you refuse to put in something that he basically payed for.
    So I'll say it one more time using harsh words:
    I think it's absurd that you let random people like us decide the fate of this promising series. This is a dispute that should have remained private between you two.
    You (Shinra) should not be motivated to use the smoking in the comic ONLY because enough random people vote for it.
    That's because for this comic to work, we need both the writer and the picture maker to be fully motivated instead of having second thoughts about it.

    It's not fair to put it as "it seems like fans are not into it". Have you seen the number of views for chapter 1? I wish Gaia 5 came even close to that!
    Fans may wonder about what the cigarettes are doing there, ignore it, forget about it, and happily enjoy everything else about the comic.
    So I can assure you that the continued appearance of a few cigarettes won't hurt the number of views and hits, and that is because the rest of the comic has such a high level of quality that even people who are really disliking the smoking (possibly the people who, I suppose, sent you e-mails about it, making you aware of varying opinions about the smoking), will keep on enjoying the comic and looking forward to the next installment.

    In the case you (Shinra) are the one with big reservations about including the smoking, then I can only tell you to be a man and come up with a decision on your own.

    Sorry for my harsh words, but I see the continuation of this series in serious jeopardy the longer this silly disagreement continues. (Though that's only based on the info in this topic alone. If it's nowhere as bad as I interpreted it, then that's my mistake.)

    1. If I had brought this "public", it's first with the consent of Dark Hypnotic of course, and most likely to prove me wrong.

      And it seems I'm wrong...I've to admit that had been scared of the fans reaction about this. Not clever of me...

      Seeing all the private messages I already received since one hour, I can tell you how stupid I've been to doubt. But it only took one message from the great Doctor MpGrey, also know as El Conciliator, to remind me why and for who I was doing those comics for.

      As I AM a man ^^ I will make amend to Dark Hypnotic and of course we will deliver this great story, on which he has work a lot and put all his heart into.

      I will close the topic as well as the poll as they no longer need to be.

      Thanks Mpgrey for your "harsh" words ;-)

    2. Thank you Mpgrey. I appreciate the support of tolerance and understanding you are showing for my comic. You took the words out of my mouth lol.

      I want to make you viewers happy, but not at the cost of my own happiness either. I listen to your feedback and I am my worst critic. Shinra can confirm to you that when I sit down and write the outline, I ask questions that literally try to tie every little detail down. It is no small feat. I tear my comic apart until I can answer most of the questions one could possibly ask me.

      Smoking and hypnosis are my thing, and I know it is rarely done well together out there for me at least. I want to create that niche and make it stronger, because for everyone out there who knows what it is like to have a very small fetish corner, you know how it feels to wish there was more. But smoking and hypnosis is my thing and will be a part of this comic. Now, for those of you who hate it, I have told Shinra that any other sex from what I script is allowed to be put in on his accord without smoking. So will there be sexual scenes without smoking...possibly. I have a long way to go in this series. But I do not intend to cut out what I look forward to seeing and what the story is going to reveal about points of interest in the story. I just cannot tell you because it would spoil things.

      But thank you for the support dude. I appreciate it greatly. I can promise I try to play with different fetishes and ideas each issue, but smoking will stay consistent as well as hypnosis. Maybe one issue wont have it...maybe some might introduce it another way. But I do promise variety in things you will see and a good story that I have spent countless nights and pieces of paper crafting. :)

    3. That's exactly the whole reason why nobody (readers AND Shinra) need to worry: you'll make it work. It's in your own best interest that it'll work, so you won't stop tinkering with the story until it's as perfect as you can make it.
      The end result is a present to yourself as well as a present that you want to share with us.
      And because of this, of course you'll try to make it appeal to us as best as possible.
      I won't say your comic will change everyone's opinion on smoking as a fetish...but you might just as well give it a try. ^_~

  7. Hell of a Critic13 June 2013 at 06:46

    Mpgrey I do think that you're being a little harsh here.
    I'm trully grateful to Dark Hypnotic for bringing this comic to life for us.
    Also he and I seem to agree for the most part on a lot of subjects about corruption comics.
    Yet I'm one of the people who pointed out the cigarette scene ,not because I don't "like" smoking fetish, It doesn't bother me, but because it did seem out of place in the comic. It stood out and broke the atmosphere of the most important scene of the book. And in any fictional story, breaking the illusion is unwise as it is what keeps reader interrested in following it .
    I believe the blame can be put on the fact that this scene wasn't that well introduced. I'm always up for constructive advice ,so here is mine on how it could have been done better:
    First Aki couldn't possibly know what a cigarette was because it didn't exist in feodal japan (or maybe we're not in feodal japan ? If it's more an alternate reality/timeline like naruto,for example, it needs to be shown ). Second if ,for whatever reason, it was already present, (Dark Hypnotic said the villain migt have introduced it as a "preview") . It would have been necessary to show us that, for example, Aki despised it, she found it a disgusting habbit, or ,I don't know, started smoking and was trying to quit/stop and that somehow the villain heard of this (that would have given sense to the corruption scene : if she smokes then, it means she forsake herself and her own rules)
    This cigarette thing can not keep popping up through the comic that same way every time.I could deal with it in the first chapter because it was an introductory one , but in the following chapters it needs to be explained. If Dark Hypnotic wants it here (wich is something I can completely understand), it would be nice for it to make sense and be explained one way or another.

    Finally, if Shinra made this discussion public then it's probably because he wanted advice or/and couldn't come to an agreement with DH but still hopes to find an appropriate balance.Both for him and the other readers.
    It's in full accordance with the spirit of this blog since it was created and I don't see the problem with it.

  8. I don't like cigarette-corruption but if Dark Hypnotic wants it thats his choice as he comitionned for it .
    But then I agree with "Hell of a Crtic" it must be explained or makes sense with the story better in the next chapters.

  9. yeah the cigarette is not a problem too much, only when it makes no sense at all, like in chapter one.
    Why did you take the pole away? It showed clearly that most people had a bit of a problem with how you did the cigarette in the comic ...

    1. With this poll or without it, I made my mind up.

  10. Since it is kinda HIS project, not sure if what we said should have any weight, he paid for this project after all, and kindly share it with all of us. So I think it should be up to him to decide.

    As for me, I am not into smoking fetish, but not put off by it either.

  11. i'm too late but i personally don't like so much smoking, but hey you don't have to ask us, this is not kickstarter. Do what you want, i don't know the real question about dark hypnosis and the collaboration but there is not a big problem with smoke to me, bye.

  12. I wrote a long winded explanation on the topic, but let me sum it up since I dunno if I want to post it or not. I hear what you all have had to say. I will be completely honest. I pay a lot of money to see this dream comic come to life. I work above and beyond to give it a true life instead of one hit wonder. I wait months patiently waiting to see this fantasy come to life. As such, smoking is a big deal to me to the story. So to summarize, I am keeping smoking in the comic. I cannot promise it will be different from Issue 1 or any upcoming issues. I cannot promise that it may be a bit repetitive. What I CAN promise you is that I will try to mix things up so the entire story doesn't stale. But smoking is staying. Without smoking, I do not think I will continue the series at all. With that, I have explanations for all 'time paradoxes' cigarettes pose to the comic and why smoking will be a main staple in the series. But to reveal these are major spoilers. Sorry if this poses a problem, but I stand by my art and do the same for each of your ideas as well.

    1. Also quick patch note, and as I said earlier, I am not a smoker myself. I only find smoking hot under special occasions, but at any given time I am not into smoking. I do have a smoking fetish, but it is very refined and specific.

  13. I am quite surprised that smoking could raise some ethical problems when rape, corruption, violence do not. I assumed that the point of these comics was not mainly educationnal.

  14. zurglab the terrible14 June 2013 at 00:18

    I think it's not the smoking that is the problem.It's because the way it was introduced just looked silly in the comic.
    It was pretty realistic fantasy fiction until the scene when suddenly and for no reason Aki just gets to smoke a cigarette firthermore in a time when it obviously didn't exist . I was almost expecting a publicity like "in case of imminent soul loss have a cigarette".

    1. I understand this point. I think the issue came from wording. I didn't really have it intended to be that far in the past. I kind of wanted it to be like Ninja Gaiden, where small ninja villages exist outside the normal world. I do not think I explained this one detail to Shinra well enough, and it got labeled Feudal Japan. I didn't pay much mind to it at the time, but seeing the confusion it brought I could not just go back and change it either. So I had to remedy the situation through the only thing I have control over...the story. I am crafting a story that is going to be very different and not like many stories you have seen.

      Trust me though, lol, the publicity was not intended lol.

  15. I enjoyed the smoking aspect of the story, but then I have a smoking fetish (which is geared more towards the corruption aspect, seeing it as more of a serial recruitment to giving in to base pleasures). So, I would like to see the original vision brought forth in pictorial form.

    It does not "squick" me and I thought it enhanced part one of the story.

  16. Hell of a Critic16 June 2013 at 01:52

    So...Dark Hypnotic

    I think it's safe to say that nobody here has too strong ethical sentiments against smoking in your comics nor is appaled by it .
    The main reason people seemed troubled by this scene in Yoru no Majin was ,in my opinion, because of how it was "represented". For most of us smoking isn't associated with evil or corruption, it's kind of sexy of course, but that's it. So seeing Aki smoke during this scene felt indeed a bit like "product placement".( Glad to see a publicity wasn't planned by the way ;-) )

    Also, if your comic doesn't take place in feudal japan don't even feel obligated to change the story to fit the cigarette in. Just show that it's taking place in the modern world like in "naruto" or "ninja gaiden".

    Finally, you say you'll have an explanation for both the possible time paradoxe(s) and why smoking is a big "staple" in this comic and I really believe that's all people can ask for. And if it isn't, then they'll have to deal with my reviews...

    1. Ah yes, I forgot to ask this.
      Dark Hypnotic, you say it doesn't take place in feudal Japan, but wasn't there a special reason why it's not taking place in the modern world either?

    2. Yes, all will be explained. Think of it like a mystery. First half of the movie it is all ????????? but then every scene takes you one step closer.

      Trust me I will explain things as they go in the story bit by bit. By the final chapter, all will be revealed

    3. Hell of a Critic16 June 2013 at 19:40

      That's good to know ;-)

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