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Saturday, 12 January 2013

H3N Comics's good resolutions for 2013

As promised I'm back with some "breaking" news regarding the futur of H3N Comics...

First I'd like to thank you all for your support.
Thanks to you, we achieved a 5 star rating for the Fallen Star Chapter 6 on G E Hentai.
It's the first time for me and I'm really proud of this ^^

Secondly, I would like thank you for all of the donations you made, I will reinvest the money
in my comics trying to make them even better. There's always room for improvement and I really need to improve some of my skills ;-p

Let's then dive into news themself as I know that's what you're waiting for...

1/ The Fallen Star
The Fallen Star will be back soon with a 7th chapter called "The LightBearer"
I'm currently writting the storyboard for this 7th and as all good thing has always an end...
I'm also currently writting the end of the saga but rest assured we're not there yet as the complete serie should count around 11 issues.
And I won't rush or scamp the end so if I need a 12th chapter to close the saga I'll do it !

And No I'm not gonna tell you what the end will be. Happy or bad ending, you will have to wait to know ! Aahahahah

2/ Nemesis XIII Ch.1 The Swarm
I've introduce you this new scifi serie a while ago now, but just know that I've started working on it.
As I already told you, I will try to make smaller chapter as from now to try to release content on a more regular basis. I've only worked a few days on this issue and it's already 18%
So enjoy this nice pic of 2 new H3N girls: Aly and Rin

3/ Yoru No Majin - Scroll 1: The Tower of Sin
This new comic is a new commissioned project based on a ninja story and may become a new saga depending on the audience. So please say Hi to our new kung fu master

Well all of this being said...Now let's get back to work ^^


  1. waiting for nemesis teaser
    are they gonna fight aliens or evil army like fallen star?

  2. Nice! Really looking forward to the other projects!

  3. ( I call mysel Chimera-Zofa) Sweet rendering becomes better and better, btw i dont know much about the taimanin asagi series but i know that the blonde is her cousin sister ? can someone explain this to me ?

  4. Collaboration?

  5. jnightshade2 from hypnopics? Oh god please yes.

  6. shinra?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Anonymous ?????????????????

    2. This is a nice, intelligent conversation!
      Can I join??????????????????

    3. Indeed this was a very relevant comment...
      Thank you for your involvment anonymous ^^

  7. hmm looks like in the next time we will see this ninja comic instead of fallen star ?

    1. most likely...yes
      this one should be no more than 60-70 pages, so it can be released sooner than later

      PS: it does not mean tomorrow ^^

  8. I would expect so to see others first Fallen Star is an absolute master peace there mite even be a teaser 50% from past experience.

    1. As I'm traveling quite a lot for my job lately, I can't work properly on the next chapter of The Fallen Star and that's why I focus on other smaller comics.

      On top of this...I'm still working on the story for the Fallen Star.

      I will post a teaser for Yoru No Majin soon. Stay tuned ;-)

  9. I didn't want to put a comment on a different thread cause I like being a little organized.
    I'm curious about your thoughts on the swarm and if your stuck maybe we can help
    The suits the characters are whereing is that the superhero PAC from Daz?
    And this mite drive some attention away from other stories.

    1. The problem with Nemesis XIII is that I've only written one chapter and I'm not sure where I'm going with this project.

      I will come back to it later when I will have the time to write a proper story as my plate is quite full right now with Yoru no Majin and H.C. on top of Fallen Star + another big project I'm currently writing.

      But as Nemesis XIII is still quite fresh in term of story, I don't mind if people gibe me ideas they'd like to see in this comic.

      For the suit, No it's not the superhero pack from Daz, it's a simple bodysuit on wich I have applied different texture for each Heroine ^^