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Friday, 28 December 2012

The Fallen Star Ch. VI - Guardians

Pfffiou...Finally this monstrous chapter is over !
Please remind me in the futur to never ever make such big chapter again ^^

262 pages...this quite a lot - hope the quality will meet the quantity

So let me proudly introduce you the 6th chapter of The Fallen Star saga called "Guardians"
In this chapter, you're gonna discover the other side of the Balance...
The righteous angels of god are ready to strike back...
Come and meet 9 new characters...
And Discover on what side they will turn the scale !

Of course and as always, any suggestions, comments or good idea for improvement will be much appreciated.

And don't forget...this comic is free though a donation button has been added on the right hand menu
should you wanna support the artist...I am in your hands, ladies and gentlemen ^^

Another really important matter...this comic is for ADULT ONLY
So Timmy, if you read this...........don't get caught and don't forget to hit the donation button ;-)

Hoping you'll like this 6th chapter as much as previous issues,
Lemme wish you a little bit in advance a very very happy new year

I'll be back soon with updates on the next chapter of the Fallen Star and on new comics which should arrive next year. Stay Tuned !


  1. that is huge!! any torrent available yet? gonna be hard to DL without one!

    1. unfortunately that's not possible right now to seed the chapter - I'm overseas with only a 3G connection.

      Look at how many time it took to upload the whole chapter ^^

      Somebody will have to be volunteer to download and seed

  2. just scanned through the chapter those fight scenes where awesome.

  3. wow
    no other word to describe it
    really good comics you are making :)

  4. fucking amazing work shinra defenetly your best yet! im disapointed we didnt get to see the corrupted miss t but that just makes me want to see the next part so cant wait for that! id say make the next part shorter so we dont have to wait so long but in saying that i dont mind waiting for a comic of this length and quality! thanks shinra!

  5. I look forward to the next one

  6. Fallen Star is the best 3D corruption series I have ever seen, and this chapter is far more good than I predict. Both story and scenes are awesome. Really good job!

    BTW:It seems like Saga will play a major role in next chapter, which makes me really happy :)

  7. Nice! I really love the fact that some of the characters sort of "evolve" when they get more corrupted! Really great work! I don't know if it helps, but if you want I can point out some of the typo's which would make the comic perfect!

  8. Really nice story developement. Have to admit this is one of the best 3d art stories i've read so far. Especially the slow corruption of Miss T and the sequence, where she can directly see her bad version, makes a a lot of fun to read. When you compare the quality of Artwork to the first chapter of F.S, you can say, there has been overall an improvement, in Story and in Art. I only believe that from now on, your forced to do always 200+ Chapters to keep up our expectations :-)

  9. well this chapter was nice good and long really good rendering but im not a fan of killing or torture corruption i like it more when they get corrupted by fucking theyr brains out, this slow corruption of Miss T is good but i hope she will not transform too hard because she is so fucking hot !

  10. Good work Shinra, really good work. Looking forward to the next part. Take some time of, you have deserved it :)

  11. Looks like somebody was working overtime... You know, we don't pay you overtime, right!?!
    just messin with you! :D

    Damn dude, you've done it again. you outdid your self again! This is the best chapter of them all!!!

    I like that you use different tactics to corrupt the girls!
    I LOVE that you visibly corrupted that girl with all the tattoos and piercings!!!!!! I just can't get enough of this :)

    this may be a huge chapter, but its aaaaaaaawesommmeeeee

  12. Wonderful chapter! Maria's transformation is amazing!
    I hope ti see many more others body transformations in the NeXT chapters.
    Great also the revenge against lisa ... And Carla is super super super hot ... But i hope to see also the nerdy girl involved, corrupted and transformated.
    The storyline is really great ... I can't wait for the NeXT charter.
    I dream to see the oracle hard fucked!!

    Some suggestions:
    1) I hope to' see New big big big boobs for starlight and also a new haircut (better if long hair) and body transformation.
    2) i hope to see sister Amalia again, and also the new lisa and her friend amy more involved in actions.
    3) i hope to see Carla and Maria with New bodies Transformations!
    4) obviously the same desires for the nerdy girl and all the guardians, one after one .... Starting from Mrs. T and starlight's little sister Who Are yet corrupted!!
    I'm member berluska but i'm writing like anonymus because i'm not albe to connect with gmail by phone.

  13. Ok now i'm connected.
    Great work shinra.
    Please realize some of my desires written in the post before

    1. I took note of them and will work on what I can do for you ;-)

  14. great chapter shinra.
    another masterpice?
    so when 7th is gonna come out?
    just kidding. take some time for new inspiration.
    can i ask a question? why suddenly every corrupted girl get their hair turn to black or half black?
    i don't have any problems with black, black is hot. but various hair color in your previous chapter make them more easy to remember.

    btw this is still a very good job dude.

    1. First I'm writting the story then I will start working on the 7th chapters ;-)

      Black hair just bacause I wanted a small transformation for them as well

  15. I'm agree wuth berluskaz: big breast expansion and transformation for starlight .

  16. Damn!
    I wish it could be longer,now I want more!!!
    Nah,anyway,cool as always,keep up the good work,mate.
    I can't wait to see all of them in their corrupted forms:)

  17. Great as usual, but please dont transform miss T into a monster. A deadly sucubbus would be the best in my opinion. Its digi89 whos writing :)

  18. I think instead that a transformation for Mrs. T could be great!

    1. Miss-T will be transformed but I will try to keep her as sexy as she is as it seems that she's one if not the most prefered character

  19. But expecially starlight has to be transformed!
    Her body needs to be improved, expecially, but not only, with mega boobs!!!!

    1. Mega bewbs for Starlight! Yay!

  20. Delicious new designs for the characters who changed. Certainly loving this tale of utter corruption, rooting for the bad guys never felt so sinfully good.

  21. love it the story rooting for bad ending

  22. Awesome issue! The renders are fantastic!
    Corruption scenes are top notch. Hoping for an evil naughty ending (in about 20-30 issues).
    I love the outfits and the changes to them as you go along.
    Any chance of adding hoods that modify personality? Maybe one color that corrupts and another that blunts thought.
    If you have time check out this story -

    The hood scene in that is incredibly erotic without pictures.

    Can't wait for the next issue. Hope to at least see a cover for the next one soon so we see what we have to look forward to.

    Thanks for your hard work.

    1. thank you sohta.

      Didn't had the time to read your story yet but will do for sure ;-)

  23. That was very.... powerful!!! Amazing work Shindra, you are becoming better every time!

  24. First of all: Great work. Pictures and and story are awesome.
    However text has numerous typos/grammar mistakes. Maybe you should make a revision or give someone to review the text and do some text editing. I really like the entire series, but texts with bad grammar in them make me wince.
    Second: Ms. T is definitely my favorite. Must say the more powerful the subject, the sweeter the corruption. Needless to say classroom scene was my favorite in this episode. Hopefully Ms. T won't be corrupted completely, I really like seeing her in distress. ;-)
    Third: Like I said: "the more powerful the subject, the sweeter the corruption". Suggestion (what I'd like to see): Devil personally invades Guardian HQ, and while his minions battle Guardians he attacks Oracle and does some combat sex/corruption. Of course, she will strongly resist corruption, but corrupted Ms. T will tip the scale in devils favor.
    Or: Oracle completely exorcises Ms. T, but her powers weaken because of it. Oracle gets captured (and slowly corrupted), but Ms. T manages to escape only to be corrupted again at a later time....
    One more thing: despite corruption theme, I like more earth/heaven atmosphere than hell. Probably because on subconscious level it is implied that corruption is harder on guest turf, than in hell (where no one is going to interrupt you).

    1. Thank you for the advice and your support. I do revise them but you're reading pages over and over again so unfortunately you don't see your mistakes anymore :-/
      and I know I should ask somebody else to proof read it before release but till now I was too proud too ask for help, man and pride...

      Rest assure heaven will be our next playground ;-)

  25. Well, as I said earlier, this is a great work, but I would like to comment about some little details. I'll start from the end, I would like to see Saga to be more struggled while the worm getting down to her throat, like being suffocating. In the same scene it would be (for me) hotter if the worm started to take control of her body a little bit slower and Saga give a fight (just like Miss-T). Furthemore, I would love to see Saga while torturing the girl, to be forced (by the worm and her sexual need) to lick the girls ass (something she never has done in her life of course) and make her feel, disguast! I know that what I say it's difficult because this scene was the final, but I am making some suggestions.

    1. About Miss-T and the anal fist fucking scene, I would love to see a pic with her hand inside her amazing ass! In the School orgy scene, I would love to see Mariah's fat cock to get down to the girls throat and in the same time Mariah's long snakish tongue penetrate the girls pussy!

    2. the bigger the cock/fist is the harder it is to render a nice pussy/ass but I will try to work on nice "genital" close-up on the next chapter

  26. I'm agree with michaelF !
    I have written Simeone suggestions for 7th chapter in the fallen star thread!
    Shinra, michaelF and others: what do you think about these ideas ?

    1. Hi Berluskaz! About your suggestions, I agree with the breast enlargement in Starlight which can come from the increasing of her powers, but not to big, if would become like Mariah's would be great! I want to see the same breast enlargement in Miss-T to! About Mariah, she changed three times until now, so I believe that another one would be exaggeration. I don't mind though to see the other girls you suggestin in action. Carla is a new character so she could be improved (although as blond babe she was gorgeous). About the nerdy girl, I believe that it would be great if she is the first victim of Saga or Saga and Miss-T together! That's my opinion! :)

    2. Talking about mariah...she's fine now and I don't think she will evolve anymore.

      Regarding Miss-T and Starlight, I will give them what I call and in my opinion the perfect body ^^

  27. I'm agree with you michaelF : Tits expansion for starlight and Mrs. T like Maria's New boobs!
    Maria now is perfect .... I don't want a transformation for her (or for Carla who's amazing) but only for the other black nuns (and miss T, Saga and nerdy girl)
    THanks for the support

  28. I think that Carla's family scene could be very very hot!!!

  29. Hopelessly late to the party, but you deserve a reply from me as well.

    Simply put, what an outstanding chapter this is!
    Ever since I've started helping g9, I'm looking at these comics from a "maker" viewpoint as well as from a "consumer" viewpoint, so I know how hard it is to fill all the pages with the perfect balance between story and "money" scenes.
    And even though you put an above-average amount of sex scenes in your comic(s?), they still don't feel forced in/out of place or whatever else is possible to do wrong.
    Of course it helps that just about every corruption scene is combined with a sex scene, so that's two for the price of one.
    But then again, that appears to be your style and it's exactly what your readers want from you anyway, so why not keep pleasing everyone? >_<

    While reading this, I was especially impressed with how you managed to fit in so many new characters, while still making us forget that these characters appear in this issue for the very first time.
    It would've been easy to make the mistake of giving them either too much spotlight (because you want to show them off), or too little spotlight (because you don't really know how to use them yet so you'll play it safe and keep the focus on them for later).
    But none of that! I'd say that's another balance you managed to maintain perfectly.
    So I really need to ask: how long ago did you have plans to make use of these Guardian characters and have the story unfold in its current direction? Right from the start? Somewhere along the road? Or when you were filling in the last scenes from the previous issue?
    You took a "big" risk by introducing so many new characters but everything paid off. (Not really that "big" of course, given the nature of this comic: if all these new characters turned out to be just generic but pretty looking females just and only made for corruption, your fans would forgive you all the same. ^_^)

    Without any doubt, this issue was the best yet. One could argue that you needed a lot of pages, but I think that if you'd cut this issue in multiple smaller pieces, each of them could easily have served as a seperate issue with great quality.
    So that's a tip I can give you for which you don't have to change anything: keep doing what you're doing, but slap on the words "to be continued" earlier on, so you'll be able to release a new issue sooner and please your readers EVEN more. (And I can imagine it'll give you even more satisfaction because you'll put finished products online on a more frequent basis, which means getting feedback from/discussing with your readers more frequently as well.)

    So, to summarize this big post: well done!

    1. Thank you mpgrey, this nice comment means a lot for me and it comforts me in my choices ^^

      Well about the story and in terms of actions and characters, I wrote everything while I was rendering the very first chapter, so a while ago, but now some scene have been added along the way to improve the story or just for fan service ;-)

      I will of course try to make smaller chapter. I know fans like big issues but they also like to be pampered with new content on a regular basis. So yeah definitely next one will be smaller, as this one killed me ^^

      Once again thank you for your support

  30. Hi Shinra! I was thinking about Miss-T and what could happen after her transformation in her room. A girl comes to inform her about something, but while she enters the room, the girl see that Miss-T has become a demon and starts to shout warning the others, but Miss-T's tentacle twinkle around girls body immobilize her and enter in her mouth preventing her from shouting. Then Miss-T approaching the girl and another tentacle comes out from Miss-T's cunt and enter in girls pussy. Miss-T removes the first tentacle from the girls mouth and gives her a very hot, passionate kiss, while the tentacle heads to the girls asshole violating her! And of course turning the girl into her slave.

    1. planned but not with Miss-T and not exactly like that ^^

  31. One word: "Amazing!" - Great story, great rendering, makes me eager to know what happens next (No worries take your time, it's just well made, so that we are anxious like that...)! Anyone know any similar "corruption" comic to follow except G9 and Shinra? Thx in advance

    Thx again for everything Shinra!

    1. A site that comes to mind immediately is
      www (dot) 3dmonsterstories (dot) com
      The biggest focus is on sex with alien creatures, but there are many stories with corruption themes and other mind control themes.
      Especially the big 4 part "Xenowars" story is very interesting for us.
      The big downside, however, is that it's a pay site...
      And of course, there is always mccomix (dot) com.
      Pretty famous pay site, but it has a lot of good stuff in the "free" section as well.

  32. Try the "Star Knight" series in I wrote it under the alias Lokito (I'm a full-time Hollywood screenwriter). It fizzles out at the end (real work life caught up to the artist) but there's good stuff before then. I also co-wrote the first of the "Xenowars" episodes, "The Coming", and kept it pretty much monster -free, unlike my collaborator's subsequent installments. So thanks for the nod. I may be continuing "Son of Dracula" in MCComix soon, with plenty of corruption/MC/transformations.

    1. In that case, consider me impressed with your skills!
      As I mentioned above, as a co-writer myself, I know how much easier it is to simply be a reader than to be responsible for coming up with a story full of interesting elements that keep the readers hooked.
      "The Coming" is the best part of Xenowars by far and that makes sense if it's coming from a Hollywood screenwriter.
      Too bad your colleague has that unhealthy obsession for alien sex and monster impregnation, which kinda got in the way of the corruption/MC elements.
      Otherwise, Xenowars could have been a real classic for people with our interests. Just like we'll hopefully look back at "The Fallen Star" and "Gaia Rangers" when they're completely finished.

    2. wow lou, as Mpgrey said the coming was very good and I loved it
      very good story indeed.

      Never read xenowars, but if this is the follow-up I definitely wanna read it now ^^

      And mpgrey, yeah I would love Gaia Rangers and The Fallen Star to be considered as classics in the future...but stop dreaming and let's go back to work ^O^

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Thanks, guys. My first produced script was the late 90s sci-fi "B" film "Electra" starring Shannon Tweed. It was ahead of its time with MC, corruption, transformations, and incest thrown in for good measure. I write only "A" scripts now, but secretly still dabble in erotic fantasy in adult comics, under an alias of course.

  34. Hey Shinra, please /corrupt/ Lilith even more. Amazing work so far, but please consider this!

    1. Unfortunately I can't do this right now, there's so many other characters I have to work on to keep on building the story.

      However, don't worry, Lilith's showtime is not over and she will definitely have some major role to play further in the story ;-)